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LED Light Therapy

LED Light stimulates the skin cell structure. The treatment is non-invasive and no direct contact is made with the skin. The Red and Blue Light wavelength exposure on the skin can be an effective treatment for many skin concerns.


LED Light Therapy  

•  Encourages the formation of collagen
•  Assists skin repair
•  Provides an effective treatment option for active acne
•  Provides a natural method of skin rejuvenation
•  Promotes wound healing
•  Accelerates the body’s own ability to repair its tissues
•  Helps skin hydration - ideal for Eczema sufferers
•  Reduces acne scarring and heals blemishes
•  Improves skin tone and texture

Simply put its like a PT session for your skin cells.

It is a great stand alone treatment, or can be used in conjunction with other facial services.


For best results a course of 4-8 LED treatments at weekly intervals recommended.


LED Facial Treatment (45mins) - $111

Course of 4 LED Facial Treatments - $400

Course of 6 LED Facial Treatments - $570

Course of 8 LED Facial Treatments - $720

LED Treatments on other areas - POA 

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