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Ageless Future Night Cream,50ml

Ageless Future Night Cream,50ml


Skin improving Anti-Aging night care



• Tired cells are recharged overnight

• Revitalization and strengthening of the skin

• Helps to reduce the reduction of collagen and stimulates the synthesis of new collage

• Improvement of the skin structure

• Smoothing, tightening and firming of the skin


Selling tips

•“Recharge your Cell Energy”

• Helps to fight energetic skin aging (Anti-Energetic Aging)

• Firmness and regeneration overnight

• Helps to tighten and supports a firmer skin structure

• With the worldwide award-winning cellular oil Olea VitaePLF

• Modern, effective active ingredient concept

• Lipid replenishing, smooth cream texture

• Without parabens, mineral oil, silicones and PEG-containing emulsifiers

  • Ingredients

    Main ingredients

    • Olea VitaePLF: cell energy-charging, vitalizing, tightening

    • Sytenol® A (Bakuchiol): stimulates collagen synthesis, cell-generating, tissue-tightening

    • Horsetail: strengthens the connective tissue, firming

    • Red clover (Isoflavones): antioxidant, regenerating, stimulates the metabolism

    • Marula oil: anti-oxidative, barrier-strengthening, lipid replenishing

    • Shea butter: regenerating, skin-soothing

    • Vitamin E: anti-oxidative, smoothing

    • Almond oil: regenerating, lipid replenishing



    Apply evenings to face, neck, and cleavage after cleansing. To intensify the effect, apply the Ageless Future Serum under the night care.

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