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IPL Hair Removal

Treatments You Can Trust

How does it work?

The light output from the applicator is absorbed by the melanin in the hair. This in turn heats the hair follicle and disables the hair germination cells so the hair cannot grow back. Most clients require 6-10 treatments, usually 5-6 weeks apart, as hair grows in cycles. Each IPL application deals to the hair that is present at the time so it can vary between individuals.

It is important to note that the IPL application will only work on the hair in the treated area that is in its growing cycle which equates to approximately 20% of total hair. This means that 80% of hair is not in the growing cycle and hence the need for treatments, spread 5-6 weeks apart. Sun exposure and IPL do not work together so if you have been to Fiji for a winter escape, a 2-week stand-down is required before commencing treatment.

Since grey, red, white and blonde hair has no melanin, IPL doesn’t work. However, the Anthelia has a separate head for this type of hair that targets the hemoglobin or blood source of the hair instead of the melanin. Since waxing causes a microscopic injury to the skin or blood in the follicle, we wax the area to be treated beforehand for a more successful treatment.

What do I need to do before a treatment?

If you have been shaving allow the hair to grow a couple of days so we can see what we will be treating. If you have been waxing, you will need to wait 4-6 weeks until the hair has regrown. Do not sunbathe, sunbed, spray tan or fake tan for 2 weeks prior to your treatment as tanning of any sort can lead to superficial burning. Avoid perfumes or any alcohol based treatments on the area to be treated and inform your therapist if you are on any form of acne medication or topical vitamin A.  For those with blonde/grey/red hair, we need to wax you first. So come in only when your hair is long enough for us to wax.

What do I do after a treatment?

No sun tanning or sun beds for 2 weeks after your treatment. Sun tanning can result in irregular pigmentation occurring in the treated areas. Always apply good quality SPF daily to avoid irregular pigmentation issues.



Consultation (30min) - $25

Top Lip (15min) - $55

Chin (15min) - $77

Lip & Chin (15min) - $111

Half Face (30min) - $155

Under Arm (15min) - $99

Half Arm (30min) - $155

Full Arm (30min) - $199

Bikini (30min) - $99

Brazilian (30min) - $188

½ Lower Leg (30min) - $255

Upper Leg (30min) - $255

Back of Thigh (30min) - $166

Full Leg (60min) - $399

Mens Back (60min) - $399

Mens Chest (30min) - $222

Abdomen (30min) - $222

Toes (15min) - $66

Feet & Toes (15min) - $88

Please ask us for blonde/white/grey/red hair prices. It’s the price of IPL plus the price of waxing as we need to do both for the most effective treatment possible.

This service is known for providing remarkable results. Clients can rest assured that our beautiful, clean and private facilities will ensure their highest level of comfort. To learn more about how this service can be personalized for your unique needs, feel free to reach out today.

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