Committed to Your Care

We all want beautiful skin, it's only natural.  Yet few people understand how to turn back the clock and truly achieve lasting beauty.


At Revive we understand what it takes.  Discover the secret for yourself.  Come in and take advantage of our prescription treatments and expert advice.  What you'll learn will change the way you think about beautiful skin forever.


All of our treatments are carried out using products with the highest quality natural ingredients - revitalizing, rebalancing, and rejuvenating your skin, mind, body and soul.


Take the first step to lasting beauty with one of our fabulous treatments or packages, from wedding makeup to treatment facials, spray tans to eyelash extensions, manicures and pedicures to reflexology.  We have it all covered!  


We have a variety of facials designed specifically to target and treatment your skin concerns.  From dry skin to acne, we can rejuvenate, detoxify, and deep cleanse using our high quality active products.  Or if it's relaxation you are needing we can gently soothe and hydrate you skin mind and soul.

Mini Facial - $80

  • The under an hour skin refresher is perfect option for people with busy schedules and little time to spare.

Relaxation Facial - $130

  • An hour of pampering for your skin. 

Prescription Facial - $130

  • A customised facial designed to treat your individual skin needs, to rejuvenate, hydrate or deep cleanse.

Microdermabrasion - $130

  • A non-invasive skin resurfacing treatment which exfoliates, reduces congestion and improves skin texture.  It is an instant skin pick-me-up that leaves you glowing and more refreshed.

Dermal Blading - $90

  • A highly-effective, physical exfoliation treatment, using a medical-grade blade to very gently “shave” the surface of your skin, removing dead skin cells and fine, vellus hairs or “peach fuzz” in the process. 

Deluxe Facial - $185

  • This facial will not only pamper your skin, it will completely relax your mind and body as well

Dermal Needling - From $150 (more info)

Green Peel - From $100 (more info)

LED Light Treatment - $95 (more info)

IPL Skin Rejuvenation - POA (more info)


An eyelash or eyebrow tint will give you long lasting waterproof colour on both your top and bottom lashes, or eyebrows.  Henna is a long lasting natural alternative to eyebrow tint with tattoo effect on the skin.

Eyelash tint -  $32

Eyebrow tint - $22

Eyebrow henna - $40

Eyebrow shape - $27

Eyebrow tint & shape - $38

Eyebrow henna & shape - $55

Eyelash tint, eyebrow tint & shape - $50

Eyelash tint, eyebrow henna & shape - $65


Microblading is a form of tattoo artistry where pigment is implanted under your skin with a manual handheld tool instead of a machine.  Hair-like strokes are drawn with the tool to mimic natural hairs in your brows. Enhance your eyes with semi-permanent eyeliner.  More info and prices


Your hands are an important extension of your total image. Hand and nail care will help you achieve an overall well groomed appearance and boost your personal confidence.

Regular manicure - $65

French polish manicure - $75

​Gelcolor manicure - $75

Gelcolor removal & nail tidy - $55

Mini manicure - $50

Nail shape & polish - $50


Send the feet on a relaxing retreat and the mind and spirit will follow.  

Regular pedicure - $95
French polish pedicure - $105
​Gelcolor pedicure -  $105

Pedicure with medi peel - $130
Nail shape & polish - $55

Reflexology is a type of massage that involves applying different amounts of pressure to the feet.

It rests on the ancient Chinese belief in qi (pronounced “chee”), or “vital energy.” According to this belief, qi flows through each person. When a person feels stressed, their body blocks qi.

This can cause an imbalance in the body that leads to illness. Reflexology aims to keep qi flowing through the body, keeping it balanced.

Reflexology - $85

Pedicure with Reflexology - $135



This treatment permanently removes hair and is best suited to small treatment areas, or blonde or grey hair colourings. Electrolysis works by passing a tiny current straight into each hair follicle individually, using a fine probe to destroy the growth centre of the hair.  A new disposable needle is used with every treatment.


Prices from $25 


Waxing is a simple, cost effective and easy way to leave you with hair-free skin for up to six weeks, and we can work with any area, no matter how large or small. Because waxing removes hair from the root, the hair won’t grow back prickly, as it does after shaving.

Upper Lip or Chin - $22

Upper Lip & Chin - $35

Half Face - $38

Back of Neck - $30

Bikini - $38

Extended Bikini - $48

Full Brazilian - $80

Brazilian Maintenance - $60

Half Leg - $42

3/4 Leg - $55

Full Leg - $65

Back of Thigh - $29

Underarm - $29

Lower Arm - $32 

Full Arm - $42

Mens Back - $50

Mens Chest - $50



Sunescape is an award-winning Australian-made and owned sunless tanning range that delivers natural-looking colour with a delicious tropical scent.  It is vegan, sensitive-safe and contains no nasties.

Filled to the brim with skin-loving vitamins, antioxidants and hydrating oils, our formulas enrich the skin while giving a tan that looks and feels natural. We've also included anti-ageing, hydrating and skin firming ingredients that leave skin smoother and more replenished than any other tan can! We use certified natural DHA derived from beetroot and rapa seed, and all our products are free from parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates and other common nasties.

Sunescape was created to meet the demand for a no-nasties tanning range that gave skin a healthy colour, without dryness, streaking, patchiness or the dreaded orange undertone.

Full body - $55

Legs only - $33

Arms, chest, & upper back - $33



Back treatments are essentially a facial for your back and leave your skin feeling velvety smooth and soft. The idea behind a back treatment is that it is just as important to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate the skin on your back as it is the skin of your face. 

Back Exfoliation - $150

Back Green Peel fresh up - $250


In today's stressful world, a regular massage is an essential part of your general health and wellbeing. From a blissfully light relaxing massage to a deeper more physical treatment.

A massage from Revive will melt away your stress and tension.  

30 min Swedish relaxing massage - $80
60 min Swedish relaxing massage - $115

60 min Hot stone relaxing massage - $130